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Pete Berglund is the owner of Springer Films.


I began my film career in London as a clapper/loader, working mostly on commercials. In the mid-nineties I moved to Los Angeles. I worked for Max Penner and Tim Thomas at Paradise FX where I was schooled in the ‘dark arts’ of motion-control, large format, Imax, Showscan, 3D and VFX, building 3D rigs and getting all tangled up in piles of cables and mayhem. I worked on all kinds of films, large and small, commercials and theme park productions. For my sins I became quite heavily involved in the world of music videos and had the good fortune to pull focus for such cinematography luminaries as Matty Libatique, Vince Toto, James Hawkinson, Eric Schmidt and Colin Watkinson, to name a few.

In 2010 Paradise FX joined with London based Vertigo Films to form Paradise FX Europe and I was asked to be the 3D tech and lead Stereographer, which meant working in London and all over Europe, South Africa and back in the U.S. I was very busy with 3D until the inevitable bursting of the bubble, when I returned to L.A. and worked as a freelance camera operator on a variety of projects, large and small.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a couple of short films and a few music videos and in 2019 I got to shoot my first feature, a re-make of a noir classic, ‘D.O.A’. It will be available to rent on Amazon, Hulu etc in October 2023. Another costly pandemic delay but hopefully worth the wait.


I have recently become a partner and producer in a film production company, Maclachlan-Wood,, which is a new, unexpected and exciting development in my career. I'm looking forward to utilising my years of experience to help produce a number of projects in the near future.


I am currently living back in the U.K. but I divide my time between Norfolk and Los Angeles and hopefully a few other places as well.




Planes, Trains & Sunday Roasts

My site about food and travel


Another site I put together, photos, work, bits & bobs.


                        Book of Cool

This is the brainchild of Fred Rees and is a project close to my heart, we had a lot of fun shooting this and everyone should take part, it's a wonderful idea.


Please feel free to get in touch with any comments or enquiries.

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